Busy Day!

I am currently cuddling Elvis Jones, my kitty. He gets jealous when I take my hands off to type, so I will make this quick.

Bella is off of school for an extended weekend. It is nice to have her home for more than a couple of days. We had plans to visit my Grandparents today. My Grandpas health is failing so I thought we would go cheer him up.

Plans changed when we woke up early to welcome over my nieces who were also off of school today. I would have taken them all with me, but Ems was sick and I didn't think it would be a good idea to take her. Of course then it wouldn't be right to leave her behind so I went alone.
It was a nice visit. I rarely get to see them these days. I am going to take them out to lunch next week if he is feeling up for it.
When I got home the house was in total disarray and everyone was hungry. sigh
I had everyone help me clean up and got dinner on the table.

Good news is that I some how managed to get 5 diapers done. Hopefully I will be able to ship them out tomorrow.
3 more orders from the co-op to go!

It is now 10:30 and tomorrow is going to be bananas so I better go get some sleep.

Quick shout out to my girl Summer who had a beautiful baby boy yesterday!

Succesful Sunday Sewing

I completed an order of 3 sized fitteds for the coop on BBC and another couple that I will be listing on ETSY within the week. The coop diapers are more than half way finished. I will be stocking on ETSY as much as possible.
Although I enjoy Hyena Cart I find it hard to find time to upload pictures and list more than one or two at a time these days. I do plan on listing a few now and then and you can always find Bubble Butt Diapers at WAHM Nation every month on the 10th.

I will not listing anything tonight, because honestly, I am wiped. Joe is working a solid 8 days this week and the kids are pretty much a full time job and a half on the weekends. No complaints here though, lol I like keeping busy


I came across a link to the Bulk Herb Store last week. And since I am always trying new things to boost my health I thought I would give it a try. The Daily Boost Herba- smoothie sounded good so I bought that one.

Day one I made a smoothie with the ingredients in the video. Strawberry, mango, orange concentrate, yogurt and a bit of kale.
Tasty, though I think I need a better blender. The kale didnt blend well so, it was hard to swallow.

Day two I made it with a banana, yogurt, half cup of orange juice and a few slices of mango. Yum! I love banana and it went down nice and smooth. Mia even liked it. I added more yogurt to hers so she could use a spoon.

The mix itself is ground very fine and has no taste. Gotta love that! I have never really been a fan of smoothies or shakes, but I think I will keep this up. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and it sure beats cold cereal.

What Lovely Weather Dear

We woke up to another cold/wet morning.
Saturdays should be sunny. Isn't that a rule?
No? Well it should be. I am so over these gray, sloppy days. We braved a walk in the woods last week. It was a gorgeous 50 degrees. It should have been wet and muddy but it wasn't! There was still snow on the ground. Protected by the towering trees.
Had my camera battery not died half way through the hike, I would have come out of there with a few stunning shots. There was one pathway, near the edge of the woods, where the sun shone bright through the trees. Bella stopped up ahead to play with something she found in the snow. all around her the trees left a ladder of shadows that went on and on. It would have been neat to get a B&W! but the most beautiful thing about the seen was watching her enjoy the sun and the nature around her.

I am really wishing we were there today. Though by now the snow must be mostly gone. The mud in it's place.

I had a dream that I made a baseball tee shirt with this fabric


All I need is some white and yellow knit to make it. It Should be pretty cute. Don't you think?

Live Love Lead

My latest AI2

I'm bringing the wovens back

They have a bad rap
oh yes, I am bringing the wovens back

Woven prints in last two years in the diaper world have been misrepresented. Sure, everyone has their preferences, but really when done right, woven print diapers rock.
Extraordinary fabric companies and designers like Alexander Henry, Amy Schimler, Robert Kaufman, Amy Butler and so many more.

I built my original fabric stash off of obscure fabric companies and ETSY with these companies. The main reason why I switched to knits is because the cloth diaper market called for it. I have realized over time that I decide what I create with and what I would like to work with is more of these prints. I was limiting myself with the "popular" shiz. Not that I am against knits! My fabric stash revolves around my taste. I love every single print I have, but I am limiting myself with knits and fading into what every other seller has.

So... I am going to do me. (Typed a crooked half grin) and OMG I am in heaven. Just you wait......

Getting My Sale On

All diapers listed at bubblebuttdiapers.com are on sale. $20 and under. Even the HTF Kumquat prints! and remember October is all about the free shipping!