I love this show

Lost is on, so I thought I would update my blog while I sit here. How is it that Jack, Kate and Hurley end up in a different place than the rest of the passengers.

Here are all the fitteds that went out last week.
A couple of them were hard to let go. hehe
Side snapping M/L



I received a yard of fabric from a customer for 3 OS fitteds and that will be my next project for the week and hopefully a decent stocking of all sizes.

Thanks for reading!

Customs List

I am all caught up. I have a few packages to get out and then I will be focusing on getting diapers ready to stock in my shop. My fabric closet is over flowing. I am going to have a hard time deciding which prints to use. I love them all. I have at least 20 different prints that I have yet to use.. this is bothering me. LOL

I got a new sewing machine last week. Getting to know a new machine is a necessary process. It works the same as my old one, but we are not one yet. Ok that sounds silly. I have been using the other one every day for 2 years so it will take some time.