Mondays Stocking

I doubt I will be stocking on Monday. I want to get a few custom orders out.
Today am having a garage sale and tomorrow is the Packer Family Night. I am very excited to go to that. I have never been to Lambeau. I hope the weather is nice

My cutie


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Bubble Butts in Action! Pictures Wanted

I need to update my bubble butts in action section. I would also like to add a few to my home page and since I have one wiggly baby and a toddler that does not like to sit for pictures, I thought maybe some of you bubble butt owners could help me out. Submit a photo and if chosen for a slide show here in my shop, you will receive a 50% discount and if you submit a photo and it is chosen for my main site, you will get a free custom diaper.
I am looking for clear shots of a baby/toddler having fun, sporting their bubblebutt.
Please submit all photos to


I am going to try to keep this updated with progress. Not only for you fantastic people but for my organization as well.

dk1221 ~ 2 fitteds done wipes cut and ready to be sewn.
wvgemini ~ one done, one to go
bryvaeh ~ waiting on one yard of fabric
saslewis11~ 2 medium fitteds~ In the works
Gina~ medium fitted~ In the works

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I had my first local sale

My husbands cousin wanted to buy one. He came over and picked one out for a friend of his that is expecting. I love converting people to cloth:)

In other news...

I got a serger! woohoo. I love this thing. Now I know why they say, after using one for 10 minutes, you never go back. Haha I have some practicing to do. It will make sewing doublers and wipes so much easier.

I fell in love

I fell in love with this fabric last night. Its a Japanese print and quite expensive but I could not help myself. It will make adorable diapers and possibly be enough left for a little something else.

Eeek I cant wait to get it.

I also found a sock monkey print that I hadnt seen 100 times before

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Ok I will admit it

My name is Sara and I have a fabric addiction. LOL
I get such a joy out of picking out fabrics. Whether online or at an actual store, I love shopping for fabric.
Its funny since I hate shopping for clothes or food or pretty much any other item. I just love it. I have some discretion and some restraint of course. I only buy what I can use and I know I will use it all but I am not sure if it makes sense to have this much at one time. I like to have a huge variety of material to work with. I love getting the mail and finding a big box of fun stuff to work with. I love even more to go to an actual B&M store and bring it home. Unfortunately I can not find everything that appeals to me at my local shops so online it is. Especially the core of my projects.
the insides. It is important to have good, quality materials to work with..
So online it is. I have spent many hours scouring sites to find the best stuff to work with and it has really paid off.

Now I just need to work on my storage space at home. With all the new stuff I have acquired and all the new prints and organics on the way, I need more space!
Way too much fun yo:)
I am having a blast!

shes a big girl now

We went to this play place called funset, yesterday. I have been toying with the idea of letting bella go with out a diaper. She just got the hang of going on on a toilet and still has accidents here and there, but I figured, what harm could come from letting her try going out with out a diaper. Worst case scenario.. she wets her pants and I have to change her. Not a problem as long as I have extra clothes. She did it. All day and even when she was so worn out, she still used the toilet. yay.
Now she gets a sticker for every day that she is dry, instead of every time she goes.
It will probably be a while before she goes through the night but overall, this whole thing has been easier than I expected.
Of course, I doubt I will feel that way the next time I am cleaning poop off the floor. haha

New stuff I am working on

On top of working on my pattern, I also added wider touch tape and laundry tabs. Let me tell you! I wish I had done it a long time ago. It really helps the fit and of course, no more laundry snakes. Those are a pain. am I right?
Since I have had some extra time and I love working on new projects, I have started to make infant/toddler pants. I love making whole sets but I do not have the funds for shirts right now so just pants it is. For now. they are fairly simple, yet so snuggly and cute.
Here is my darling arabella modeling a pair for me.

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