I'm bringing the wovens back

They have a bad rap
oh yes, I am bringing the wovens back

Woven prints in last two years in the diaper world have been misrepresented. Sure, everyone has their preferences, but really when done right, woven print diapers rock.
Extraordinary fabric companies and designers like Alexander Henry, Amy Schimler, Robert Kaufman, Amy Butler and so many more.

I built my original fabric stash off of obscure fabric companies and ETSY with these companies. The main reason why I switched to knits is because the cloth diaper market called for it. I have realized over time that I decide what I create with and what I would like to work with is more of these prints. I was limiting myself with the "popular" shiz. Not that I am against knits! My fabric stash revolves around my taste. I love every single print I have, but I am limiting myself with knits and fading into what every other seller has.

So... I am going to do me. (Typed a crooked half grin) and OMG I am in heaven. Just you wait......