shes a big girl now

We went to this play place called funset, yesterday. I have been toying with the idea of letting bella go with out a diaper. She just got the hang of going on on a toilet and still has accidents here and there, but I figured, what harm could come from letting her try going out with out a diaper. Worst case scenario.. she wets her pants and I have to change her. Not a problem as long as I have extra clothes. She did it. All day and even when she was so worn out, she still used the toilet. yay.
Now she gets a sticker for every day that she is dry, instead of every time she goes.
It will probably be a while before she goes through the night but overall, this whole thing has been easier than I expected.
Of course, I doubt I will feel that way the next time I am cleaning poop off the floor. haha