New stuff I am working on

On top of working on my pattern, I also added wider touch tape and laundry tabs. Let me tell you! I wish I had done it a long time ago. It really helps the fit and of course, no more laundry snakes. Those are a pain. am I right?
Since I have had some extra time and I love working on new projects, I have started to make infant/toddler pants. I love making whole sets but I do not have the funds for shirts right now so just pants it is. For now. they are fairly simple, yet so snuggly and cute.
Here is my darling arabella modeling a pair for me.

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Jennifer @ Lautzy Soap said...

Those are some adorable pants momma! Are those cuffs at the bottom? I'm assuming so they fit longer?

miabella said...

Thank you! Yes I put cuffs on the bottom so they can be rolled up. I had such a hard time choosing the fabrics to use on them, so I guess I will just have to make more.