What Lovely Weather Dear

We woke up to another cold/wet morning.
Saturdays should be sunny. Isn't that a rule?
No? Well it should be. I am so over these gray, sloppy days. We braved a walk in the woods last week. It was a gorgeous 50 degrees. It should have been wet and muddy but it wasn't! There was still snow on the ground. Protected by the towering trees.
Had my camera battery not died half way through the hike, I would have come out of there with a few stunning shots. There was one pathway, near the edge of the woods, where the sun shone bright through the trees. Bella stopped up ahead to play with something she found in the snow. all around her the trees left a ladder of shadows that went on and on. It would have been neat to get a B&W! but the most beautiful thing about the seen was watching her enjoy the sun and the nature around her.

I am really wishing we were there today. Though by now the snow must be mostly gone. The mud in it's place.

I had a dream that I made a baseball tee shirt with this fabric


All I need is some white and yellow knit to make it. It Should be pretty cute. Don't you think?


gardenofsimple said...

oh my goodness - that would make a super cute shirt!