I came across a link to the Bulk Herb Store last week. And since I am always trying new things to boost my health I thought I would give it a try. The Daily Boost Herba- smoothie sounded good so I bought that one.

Day one I made a smoothie with the ingredients in the video. Strawberry, mango, orange concentrate, yogurt and a bit of kale.
Tasty, though I think I need a better blender. The kale didnt blend well so, it was hard to swallow.

Day two I made it with a banana, yogurt, half cup of orange juice and a few slices of mango. Yum! I love banana and it went down nice and smooth. Mia even liked it. I added more yogurt to hers so she could use a spoon.

The mix itself is ground very fine and has no taste. Gotta love that! I have never really been a fan of smoothies or shakes, but I think I will keep this up. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and it sure beats cold cereal.