Busy Day!

I am currently cuddling Elvis Jones, my kitty. He gets jealous when I take my hands off to type, so I will make this quick.

Bella is off of school for an extended weekend. It is nice to have her home for more than a couple of days. We had plans to visit my Grandparents today. My Grandpas health is failing so I thought we would go cheer him up.

Plans changed when we woke up early to welcome over my nieces who were also off of school today. I would have taken them all with me, but Ems was sick and I didn't think it would be a good idea to take her. Of course then it wouldn't be right to leave her behind so I went alone.
It was a nice visit. I rarely get to see them these days. I am going to take them out to lunch next week if he is feeling up for it.
When I got home the house was in total disarray and everyone was hungry. sigh
I had everyone help me clean up and got dinner on the table.

Good news is that I some how managed to get 5 diapers done. Hopefully I will be able to ship them out tomorrow.
3 more orders from the co-op to go!

It is now 10:30 and tomorrow is going to be bananas so I better go get some sleep.

Quick shout out to my girl Summer who had a beautiful baby boy yesterday!